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Welcome to Pushpanjali Nursery

32+ years of experience in Plantation & Landscaping Services.

Pushpanjali as a Nursery was established in the year 1989 by Col Makhan Singh (Founder). After getting retired from Indian Army he had a vision of a pollution free environment. With his vision and love for plants & gardening he started inspiring and sharing his knowledge which blossomed into Pushpanjali. Since that time we have been providing best quality of indoor, outdoor plantation and landscaping services. These landscaping and plantation services are being provided throughout different industries.

Our team believes in quality and works dedicatedly to care, nurture a seed to grow into a beautiful healthy plant for your home. We believe in trust by understanding your needs with respect to beautifying your home & garden by bringing nature at your doorsteps.

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Benefits of Doing Plantation

Plants are one of the best sources of Oxygen, By using indoor plants you can improve the quality of air in your home. At Pushpanjali Nursery you will get highly oxygen-delivering plants for your home and offices.

Beautiful colorful flowering and green plants with sparkling and glowing leaves placed in your bedroom, Drawing and Dining areas can add-ons luxury to your interiors.

Many plants have medicinal qualities. They are a highly rich source of antioxidants and have strong antibacterial properties which help to cure various health diseases.

Plants are responsible to maintain positive energy within your surroundings. Studies have shown that plants improve your concentration & memory levels and also help in relaxing your state of mind while doing Yoga or meditation.

Plants in your back & front yard will give you shade and it is proved that they reduce 3 to 4-degree room temperature with good quality of air.

It has been scientifically tested Green and flowering plants are responsible for absorbing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and Benzene which are causing cancer.

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    Our Landscaping Services

    At pushpanjali Nursery, We provide ongoing formal and informal landscaping services to the Institutions, Commercial Sector and Real Estate Sector. In this we includes lawn mowing, fertilizing, seeding, edging, plant health care, pruning, and tree care and removal.

    Formal Landscaping

    Give your gardens a symmetrical look through formal landscaping services. Since 1989 Modern Landscaping Services “Subsidiary of Pushpanjali Nursery” has been providing formal landscaping services.

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    Informal Landscaping

    Beautify and decorate your homes and family gardens with colorful flowering plants through informal landscaping services.

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    Gardening and Plantation

    Get Complete Guidance & Free Consultation for indoor, Outdoor Gardening and Plantation.

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    Why Choose Pushpanjali Nursery?

    32+ Years of Experience

    With more than 30 years of Experience in this industry we believe in delivering the finest services to our customers.

    Professionals Guidance

    We are chosen by professionals as we provide complete guidance on garden designing and lawn maintenance services to make your home a beautiful place spend time.

    Free Consultation

    We believe in spreading greenery and knowledge to save the environment so we provide free consultation on gardening and plant care.

    Understand Decorative Need's

    We help you to understand your decorative need for your home or office.

    Best Quality & Varieties

    In Pushpanjali Nursery, we provide best quality & varieties of indoor and outdoor plants to decorate your homes.

    1000+ Sucessful Projects

    Our past years has been marked by some extremely innovative and forward thinking projects in landscape architecture.

    Team Members

    Col. Makhan Singh

    Col. Makhan Singh


    Col. Makhan Singh


    “Pushpanjali is the vision for making the world a better place to live by inspiring and spreading knowledge about the value of green plants in human life. - Col Makhan Singh.“


    Pritmohinder singh

    CEO & Founder

    Pritmohinder singh

    CEO & Founder

    “Plants are the biggest source of oxygen for human beings, they beautify your homes, they provide shade in summers and make you feel positive”


    Udaiveer Singh


    Udaiveer Singh


    “Just like human are living beings similarly plants are also living, they are like babies Who need care and pampering. Studies have shown plants absorb harmful chemicals like toluene, ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon dioxide making the air more cleaner and safer to Breathe.”