Gardening and Plantation

Having a better lifestyle healthy, healthy living conditions is a must. Pushpanjali Nursery aims at having a pollution-free environment. We believe in taking complete care and maintenance of your gardens by making them more beautiful through the indoor and outdoor plantation & Gardening. We provide a free consultation in growing plants and vegetable gardens at your home and making it more lively.

Key Benefits of Service

In Pushpanjali Nursery we provide complete consultation on plant care which includes guidance on plant growing conditions, fertilization tips, Garden & Lawn maintenance, and provide complete suggestions on plants that can be grown in your garden under different climatic conditions.

  • Maintenance services to keep the plants healthy
  • Get symmetrical garden designs with evergreen plants
  • Get Free Consultation for indoor & Outdoor landscaping services
  • Experienced in private & commercial scale planting
  • Unique Collection of Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Latest Formal Landscaping Completed by Pushpanjali Nursery

Work Overview Before and After

Before Image After Image