Informal Landscaping

Since 1989 Pushpanjali Nursery has been providing landscaping services to beautify your home and gardens under the name of Modern Landscaping services. With the vision of having a pollution-free environment. we believe in making your gardens look more attractive and beautiful by designing them with various ornamental plants trees and shrubs. We believe in fulfilling your decorative needs by providing formal and informal landscaping designs for residential and commercial.

Key Benefits of Service

Informal Landscaping services can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your taste. Through modern landscaping services, informal landscapes can give a natural look to your garden. where colorful and flowering plants are generally used. these landscapes are more likely to be used in casual-style gardens, family gardens for children to play and have a relaxing time. if you are more likely to feel at home and are more interested in foliage and flowers rather than hard landscaping go for an informal type of landscaping. in informal landscapes, the positioning of the plants can be in the gap and more varieties of plants can be added to give your garden an elegant look.

  • Maintenance services to keep the plants healthy
  • Get symmetrical garden designs with evergreen plants
  • Get Free Consultation for indoor & Outdoor landscaping services
  • Experienced in private & commercial scale planting
  • Unique Collection of Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Latest Informal Landscaping Completed by Pushpanjali Nursery

Why to Choose Pushpanjali Nursery - Informal Landscaping Services

Pushpanjali Nursery under the name of Modern Landscaping Services has been working in understanding the needs and desires of different industries with respect to informal landscaping, with this understanding we believe in providing free consultation and knowledge to people regarding informal garden designing. Since 1989 Modern Landscaping Services “Subsidiary of Pushpanjali Nursery” has been providing informal landscaping services in the following industries.

  • Home Garden
  • Farm House Yards
  • Private Business

Work Overview Before and After

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